Guardian Circle is a Community Emergency Response Network.

It lets friends, family and nearby citizens help each other in a crisis.

When do you need Guardian Circle?

* Hurricanes * Rural Areas * Women’s Safety * Earthquakes * Fires * Floods * Neighborhood Watch * Unreliable Public Services * Extra Protection * Unsafe Cities * Campuses * Elder Care * Home Intrusion *

Press a button. Get help.

When you’re in trouble, broadcast an alert to your preselected community.  You and your responders share location on a map with a chat room to coordinate your rescue. Supports public and private Alerts. Your location is ONLY shared during Alerts (otherwise it is 100% private).

How Guardian Circle can help you

Get Guardians

  • Connect with friends, family and neighbors
  • Refer a friend, earn $GUARD cryptocurrency

When you’re in trouble, broadcast an Alert

  • Your Guardians get an immediate Alert Notification
  • Option to broadcast your Alert publicly to all nearby citizens

Guardian Circle organizes your response team

  • Your Guardians and public responders enter your Alert Room
  • Everyone’s location is shared. Everyone can talk to everyone. Now they can make a plan to help you fast.
  • Tip Guardians and public responders with $GUARD cryptocurrency


  • Supports multiple inbound simultaneous Alerts
    (useful in mass-emergencies)
  • Full $GUARD cryptocurrency wallet in-app
  • Control who can see your Alerts
  • Control who can send you Alerts
  • Full Alert Transcripts